Monday, 19 August 2013


Well, no it wasn't, besides what many people misinterpreting the Mayan's would've had you believe in the months leading up to that dreaded date 21/12/2012!!!  The end of the world certainly didn't happen however it would have seemed as though this blog may have died to all and any that visit!

Last post The Conglomerate Mixtape 21/12/2012 which would make this a very belated first post of the year 2013, so here's an eight month's late Happy New Year to all who visit!!

Apologies for that due to unforeseen circumstances the blog came to a halt! To make up for this we here at Blaze23Naish are stepping up our blogging game in order to provide a better experience for all who visit! Don't worry we will still be bringing you all that you've grown to expect from us including remaining the official home of Johnny Blaze Mixtapes but what you can expect to see more of is Hip-Hop - Editorial Pieces, Reviews, News all from myself Blaze23 and we'll be introducing the opinions of Jon The Savage whom will be bringing us "his views on the world outside of Hip-Hop from a Hip-Hop heads perspective inside the world"! I'm not quite sure how to best describe JTS?!?
Is he a conspiracy theorist, a loon or maybe actually on to the truth? Who knows during these crazy times we're living in, either way his contribution should prove to be an entertaining one which I'm looking forward to bringing to you!
So in a nutshell we're back and more committed than ever to wake people up to the sounds and world around them, keeping a heavy emphasis on the Golden Era's of Hip-Hop as is only right! First posts will start to show within the next 24 hours which will include a catch up on Johnny Blaze Presents... 25 Years Of Hip-Hop, an editorial piece on "That Verse", new and missed music videos plus much, much more!

Once again sorry for the hiatus, just consider this a fresh beginning which will lead to bigger and brighter things, any changes you may like or dislike or anything you would like to see us add or feature just let us know by commenting via here or Blaze23 on Twitter @blaze23naish!

Until next time.....

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