Thursday, 5 September 2013


Anyone that has been following the transformation of the blog in recent weeks will remember that I promised to bring you contributions from Jon The Savage! Well the day has arrived that will see the first of those contributions in the form of an introduction to the man himself!


Well let me first off let me congratulate you all, whomever or whatever you may be for finding the time to read this post! Secondly, allow me to introduce myself, as you may have noticed by now I go by the name Jon The Savage, I am a long time contributor to this site which has for now remained voiceless but fuck that shit, I now feel the need to be heard. Which is why I've convinced Blaze23 to take this blog into a new direction and provide a platform for my voice.

So I'll be filling you in on my opinions on just about everything that annoys me which is just about everything in this plastic world of shit that we live in! Not only that but I'm also just at the beginning stages of recording my first E.P.! Which I hope to share the process of with you as it comes along, so hopefully you'll understand what it is I'm trying to achieve through the music!

Why am I doing this you may ask?

I'm not out to be the most entertaining emcee, the most real, the most technical, the most popular or the most talented!

The way I see it is, you're either about something or you're not and sadly these days the latter seems to apply with a constant emphasis on "Y.O.L.O." "Young & Getting It" and all other useless slogans designed to keep your minds like mush!

I'm doing this because I've grown sick & tired of what's become of the culture that I grew up on, the culture that has shaped me into the person I am today! The culture I am of course referring to is Hip-Hop, or Her Infinite Powers Help's Oppressed People as KRS-One affectionately claimed back in the day!

You see the Hip-Hop that I grew up on was a far different beast to which the ears and eyes of the world of today are being fed! Hip-Hop just as with many other art forms was at it's most purest in it's infancy, before it became all about the money and turned into the corporate cash cow that we now see! The game is so fucked up that we now have act's that wouldn't have got a look in back in the day, being hailed as the greatest of all time!

Anyway, this is just an introduction which has taken me too long to write as I try to put too much thought in to it, (First Impressions & all that)

So fuck it consider yourselves introduced!

Not gonna waste any more time than is needed, now the introduction is out of the way I can continue to do what I do best, which is probably whine, bitch & moan (all from the heart obviously). So hopefully you guys are gonna be as enthusiastic about joining me for this journey as I am gonna be about taking it, this is just the start of something bigger and better. Thanks for reading, sorry it took sooo fucking long but now the introduction is out of the way, look out for my future posts.

Peace & Love until next time


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