Thursday, 29 December 2011


Nice return to the studio from Necro, nothing drastically different since the last time we heard us some new Necro but the less he changes the longer he stays the artist we know, love & respect!! Despite an ever changing market and numerous obstacles The King Of Death Rap keeps hitting carear high's close to two decades in the game. 2012 looks to be no different with the release of his highly anticipated E.P. "MURDER MURDER KILL KILL" and the collaborative "THE GODFATHERS" with Kool G. Rap not to mention a nice lil cameo from DMC in this very vid!!!! Salute to one of the hardest working in the game who won't change for no one despite that both angering and pleasing heads equally!!!! IF RESPECT WAS CONVERTED INTO BANK, NECRO WOULD BE THE RICHEST AS WELL AS THE SICKEST!!! NO B.S.

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  1. Fuckin hot shit. Anyone who wants to support Necro can use this free timeline cover on their facebook page