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Hello peeps, JTS back again! Thought I'd give you a sneak peek into what's in store on the music front! As I shared in my last post, I'm currently working on my debut E.P.! The first track I aim to get out to you is "InfoWars" which is designed to get people thinking about exactly where they get their information from and exactly who the type of people are that supply this information! Now this is simply my own conclusions from my own findings so don't write them off as absurd and equally don't take everything I say as fact, do your own digging and come to your own truth!

“Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.”
Edgar Allan Poe

With this here written it's my mission
To get the ears to listen to the proposition
Alex Jones could be controlled opposition
A Stratfor whore supporter of Zionism
There's a war on for your mind and your being conditioned
From every side beaten into submission
Forced to pick sides instead of trusting your vision
Take control of your lives trust your intuition
Treat this shill with a healthy suspicion
Just as you would a politician or a magician
Entrants in the same competition
A theoretician who through his transmissions
Calls for sedition which will only lead to the demolition
Of the constitution and what the founding fathers envisioned
So fuck his petition
We don't want piers back
Let the U.S. keep the hack
Can't ignore the fact the slag
Published fake flicks in a daily rag
Endangering our troops serving in Iraq
Damaged reputations and fuelled revenge attacks
But enough of that
Let's get back to the fat paranoid twat in the tin foil hat
Who's just another part of the machine crushing our dreams
Who told the women of the view he's a friend of Charlie Sheen
Which might help explain what was seen?
Or maybe it was too much Tangy Tangerine?
Either way he's Cointelpro causing more damage to the scene
Than fake freedom fighters engaged in a Mujahedeen
So I'm exposing this Master Of Terror and his Matrix of Evil
The EndGame to this Terror Storm is to deceive all
Through the distribution of disinformation - fuck this weasel
He ain't nothing but a Judas to the people
Who seems more Hard To Kill & Out Of Reach than Steven Seagal
Milton William Cooper was The Patriot Alex Jones ain't his equal
More of a dissapointing sequel on par with fecel
Matter of fact it's the people he's out to enfeeble
Not the Powers That Be like he may claim
It's all a game being played out in your name
So by supporting this lame your fighting in vain
As he's a bigger masked villian than Bane
Full of more shit than warwick cocaine
And guess what? Jesse Ventura's the same!

Make no confusion, I'm not disputing
Lives in the West are an illusion steeped in confusion
I'm merely pointing out AJ's contribution to the delusion
And this is simply my own conclusion
Don't take my word or pass it off as absurd
All I ask is listen then do your own research
As this turd will have you gassed up like kurds
Singing I can be your Superman like Marshall Mathers the Third
Fucking internet nerd be his Stan,
Draw a line in the sand
Take the fight to The Man
And watch them snatch that piece from your cold dead hands
You need to understand violence begets violence
So a true revolution needs to be non-compliance
It doesn't take rocket science to see it's our reliance
That empowers the alliance of powers that operate in silence
Everyone complaining but showing no true defiance
Saying "we can't take on these Giants we're far too small"
Well I say "The bigger they are, the harder they fall"
That goes for Black Nobility, Cabal's,
Corrupt Governments, Corporations, Shock Jocks and all
That choose to rape & enslave the public
Now let's get back to the Shock Jock subject
Alexander Emerick Jones and the suspect
Shit he continues to publish 10% fact 90% rubbish
So fuck this Chicken Little fuckwit who's built a career
Screaming "Y2K" & "The End is Near"
Offering no solutions just promoting fear
Zionist activity will never appear on InfoWars isn't that queer?
Just One look at his wife and it soon becomes clear
He's a Zionist insider, Dissinfo provider,
Out for a big pay day like Wesley Sneijder
Not a people uniter, but a race baiting divider
Accelerating a threat like the Hadron Collider
Jesse Venturas go to guy who shitted on David Icke
Whom whether wrong or right wants the people to unite
Not arm themselves to the teeth and fight
That would only worsen our plight
And play into the hands of those who want us to bite
So they can complete their goal of totalitarian control
It's more than a war for your mind it's a war for your soul
So beware of his kind but be aware of his role
Or prepare for life outside The Party as a prole
Take heed to what I'm saying & listen clear
Manipulating your Chakra is how they get at ya
Got you operating from the Manipuraka
Looking at everyone as a potential Adam Lanza
Got you Sandy Hook line and sinker Abu Hamza
So when they ask "Who's the Boss?" you say Tony Danza
Just a misguided product of their propaganda

Verse 3
You see it's not the exposure of information that get's on my bones
It's the thought of an army of Alex Jones clones
Believing this poser and leaving their homes
Two to the dome to whomever in their way as they roam
Positions triangulated via their mobile phones
Condition mangulated by over head drones
How would an AR15 defend against that?
Even if the misguided militias had your back
You still couldn't withstand the attacks
Of the worlds mightiest military backed
By a propagated public left in the black
Confused by the news they can't see right and exact
The public's perception is what your plan lacked
Your views they choose not to defend
That's one thing you falied to comprehend
One reason 1776 will not come again
Because theirs one thing for sure my friend
What you thought you had won you lost in the end
When people are fighting people are dying
The solution to their problem is what your supplying
So theirs no use in fighting no use in trying
When the achiles heel lies in non complying
Why's that not the message Alex Jones is providing?
Because he's promoting the war he wants you to die in
I ain't lying, look at history learn from the past
Look at the truth learn from the facts
Your political dudes ain't nothing but macks
Or puppet leaders to be exact
Controlled by deceivers who lurk in the back
The Think Tanks behind the infestation of crack
Who the fuck you think pulls the strings of Barack
The same people who earn from invading Iraq
The reason national debt has long since been in the black
It's about time people wake up to that, but know how to react
As the cats out the bag, were under attack
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that"
Wars never the answer war is a trap
A trap for the lives and souls of those who act
Participations the problem we need to form a world pact
Down tools til these damn fools decommission the crap
That's the only way, the only solution
You can only be controlled by something your using
Choosing to participate in the abusing is excusing
The looting and the low light our lives viewed in
This ain't a time for disputing as times what your losing
It's time to step out of the lines that you're cued in
Time to turn off the stations that had you all glued in
Time to awake from the snoozing as our only offence is refusing
Contributing to the worlds undoing whilst simultaneously distributing
The worlds power to a few men, that would devour me and you when
The hour should ensue, then, what are we to do? Bend?
Not this time, not no more,
The future is freedom the future's not war
We need to destroy the power source at it's core
Do a rush on the banks bring their knees to the floor
Show them the power lies in the hands from which it was tore!

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