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Sorry for the wait on audio, still going through the process of recording and perfecting "InfoWars" as we wouldn't want to put anything out until it's good and ready!
So to tie you over until the first release off the E.P. "InfoWars" which we've already provided you with the lyrics for I've decided to give you a glimpse of what will be the second release off of the E.P. in the form of the lyrics for "What Will It Take"!
Hopefully you will like what I have to say and will eagerly await the audio treats that are heading your way!
Until the next post, Jon the Savage, Your host is ghost!!

What will it take

Verse 1

One things for sure I've taken all I'll endure
No longer will I let the people ignore
The situation we face and what's in store
If we don't rip this cancer out at the core
It's a fucking disgrace of which I deplore
Liberty or death on that I have swore
To bring you the truth, nothing less nothing more
Their fucking the youth like their fucking the poor
Whilst leading us all into a third world war
Yet faced with this truth the sheeple still snore
Wake the fuck up, remove your head from the pillow
Lord McAlpines a nonce Lord G. Jenner ditto
Lord Kaufman, Lord Brittan and Michael Portillo
You thought it was just Jimmy? Shit no!
The Mainsteam Media cowardly
Drip feed only what The Powers That Be
Will allow us to see so only now can Ted Heath
Was a nonce be believed and as the truth percieved
Only now he's long since deceased
And we've long been deceived
Yet you say we are free, how can that be?
When did the people become so toothless?
Clueless to what the ruthless truth is?
We're nothing but slaves I thought that you knew this
Now you may wanna dispute this but paying taxes is fruitless
When it goes to support the sick fucks that do this
Operation Yewtree is useless inconclusive
When it comes to exposing those that abused kids
People wonder why I became so reclusive?
It's because the public are stupid
No offence but if the shoe fits
Wear it, you may be able to ignore but I can no longer bear it
Since none of these fuckers gained their positions through merit
They inherit their power and go on to share it
Britain IS broken we need to repair it
You see it's only there that me
And The Powers That Be will agree
However this bankruptcy of our morality didn't happen naturally
It was manufactured you see crafted masterfully
To be what was always planned to be
An attack on you & me financially where vitality's the casualty
The establishment's established a silent weapon strategy
So outside threats to our freedoms are laughably
Passed to be little more than fallacy if your asking me
Like Project Blue Beam threats from another galaxy
What's sad to see is this growing hive mentality
That actually has to be the definition of insanity
Stopping the people from seeing the reality
Of this catastrophe even when faced with the mortality
Of ten thousand plus benefit reform casulties and the families
Of the abused tragically refused any coverage in the news
Which has now become a loop of Royals, Celebs, Plebs & Troops
Child Abuse, Cancer, Cuts, & Killer Flues
All aimed at shaping views
Overly sexual never objectional
Totaly biased insult to an intelectual
Where all of the Monarchy's held on a pedestal
War equals freedom and poison is edible
None of it credible all that your fed is bull
Cameron's the leader does that sound respectable?
If any said yes at all your in denial
Like D.N.A. tested trolls on Jeremy Kyle
Cameron at best is sick, evil, flipped, vile
A globalist pet bitch protector of known paedophiles
Fraudsters and killers who'll never see trial
And that's who we trust to make all the vital
Descisions that could help provide all
Conditions that could supply all a prosperous survival
On this once or what could be Great British Isle's.

Verse 2
You may claim I'm a cynic
But please take a minute
Look at the olympics
And the way that they pimped it
Pride of Britain was no more than a gimmick
The sheep were proud but they'll be proud to the finish
Self obsessed idiots who are all about image
Style over substance clones and mimics
Who claim to live their life to the limit
Yet leap as soon as these toads yell ribbit
Well fuck the establishment and everyone in it
I see the evil that is Prince Philip
I see the austerity measures and live it
Whilst these so-called heads of state exhibit
Lifestyles the so-called common man couldn't envisage
All of it pillaged from the sub-servant and timid
What will it take to wake up the British?
No longer do we have one idiot per village
But a collective mindstate that's skittish
Bowing down to the demands of the privelaged
At the expense of our siblings
The state of affairs is sickening
Stockholm Syndrome is a fitting
Description of the lives the acrylics are living
Capture bonding with villians who want em to give in
Scared to speak out they just adapt to fit in
Head full of fear from the kool aid sipping
No matter how clear on the truth they keep kipping
Never accepting the fact that they're just victims
Of the propaganda the Main Steam Media's kicking
A two-tier system is what we all live in
Which is why you gotta be kidding
To think Jeffery Osbournes coke sniffing
Is even up for quizzing
Yet if you get caught with a G it's off to prison
Nothing to do with race or faith it's straight up classism
En route to Facism
Quit blaming Muslims quit being conditioned
There taking the piss N' dumbing down kids N'
Abducting kids N' fucking kids
I've had enough of this
What will it take for the people to awake
To what's in store and what's at stake
All they want is war ask William Hague
The more we fight the more they make
The more we let slide the more they'll take
There's nowhere to hide it's time to make
A turn in the tide it's time to break
These chains and quit being the loss to their gains
Osbourne & co. claim expenses for their kids
No-one complains but won't warrant the same
For the weak, it's insane
You sheep your brains
Just repeat the things
The media spins
Need to read up on where it begins
To see where it's going ignorance is a sin
When the all knowing is the evil within
I put that on my life & my Guru signed Timb's
History's wrote by the victors not the victims
Winston Churchill once said a similiar thing
Winston Churchill was a racist a bigot
An alcoholic Rothschild puppet on a string
Is that in the new curriculum their offering?
Is it fuck
It's ignored like his peadophilic lust
And abuse of public trust
Enough is enough
What will it take for you to see it's not you and me
It's them and us
An illusory democracy where we're shit on from above
Yet it's "muzzies" & "Scroungers" who are blamed in the pub
Building sites and smoking hut's
The blind lead the blind whilst being taken for mugs
Masses of the population regressing to thugs
What will it take for you to wake the fuck up!!!

Verse 3
Now the E.D.L. that's a whole nother track
English Delinquents who Lack
Empathy, Discernment and Loyalty
Failing to grasp the fact
The enemy is the establishment and royalty
Whose flamboyancy is buoyantly
Kept afloat annoyingly by all the goy and sheep
Flag waving public in the street
Fuck the red & blue that's a flag of defeat
All I see is white, all I see is surrender, retreat
Where is the fight, to the lies and deceit
When will we rise, regain our lives from these creeps?
Refuse the sensationalized tripe that they preach
Start to recognize and read between the lines of newspeak
As life's not a beach life has been breached
The future looks bleak I just say what I see
And that's fucking robots and mindless zombies
The walking dead being guided by the talking heads
Who would lead us to believe we are in their debt
"Give us this day our daily bread"
Fuck that, fuck Nick Clegg fuck David Cameron and fuck Ed
That goes for them all be it Milliband, Windsor or Balls
Since none of these cunt's have a sense of moral's
They take and they take as they make up the laws
So make no mistake it's within the rules
You get what you deserve you fucking fools
Where's your self worth your nothing but tools
Steaks on the plate over worked like mules
Worshipping the ghoul's who own The Crown Jewels
You need to Concentrate and Contemplate your being Controlled
As Confusions, Contagious in this CondemNation
Quit Conforming and Consider this Confirmation
It's time to refuse the Conditioning get ready for Confrontation
As it's time the Conversation of Abdication
Stirred the Congregation into Consummation
Or death and enslavement's what were facing
Fuck the money your making
Fuck the dreams your chasing
Fuck your amazing faith in everything changing
You expect change in the future?
Good fucking luck!!
You expect people to look forward,
When they can't even look up!
Ever the optimist?
Face it we're fucked!
Call me a pessimist?
Just don't call me a Schmuck,
Putz or Klutz!
Oy Vey!
Enough is enough!
What will it take for you to wake the fuck up!

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