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Jon The Savage here peoples, first off let me start by saying sorry about the lack of posts, family issues and the showers of shit that fall on us living in the real world has had a negative effect on output, apologies for that!

Secondly, thanks to these showers of shit that lay dormant in the shit clouds that constantly follow me I've managed to get my hate back!! Yay for hate and the motivational drive it brings with it!

What's got me back on my hate shit I hear you ask? Well that would be easier to answer by listing the things that haven't got me hating this week, but hey "Nothing that's worthwhile is ever easy" so let's begin the hard task of prioritizing the list of hate!

First on the hate list is James "X-Factor" Arthur and his latest lofty ambitions of being an emcee!

For those not in the know he's last years winner?
The one with the teeth............................................................................................................
Looks like Sloth from The Goonies........................................................................................
Was homeless............................................................................................................................
Play's a Guitar...............................................................................................................................

Nah me neither, that's why I decided to add the visuals for the sensible peeps out there that avoids that propagated shit fest!

Proper cunt ain't he!

Anyway being in The X-Factor is usually enough to make me avoid anything you have to offer as only a fame hungry, style over substance, sub-servant, hive mentality having wannabe puppet would take part in such a spectacle of horse shit! However this cunt truly has gone the extra mile and landed himself in vapour-ville with a bad case of hype-nitis by deciding he's not just the best singer/song-writer this Cuntry has to offer but also the best up and coming emcee in the Cuntry as well!

What's wrong with that I hear you ask?

Well watch the "Fire In The Booth" appearance he made for Charlie Sloth over at Radio 1 on the 10th of November and then follow the jump to read more!!

Why so salty Mr Savage?

First off with so many talented emcees in this Cuntry that have put in years of hard work and paying dues, it is nothing short of an insult to fast track some jumped up mainsteam talent show winner into this position! C'mon ain't this full-time mainsteam singer turned part-time emcee niche getting a bit old now? Ed Sheeran anyone? I mean even the Bieb's believes he can spit, so much so that he almost made the B.E.T. Cyphers a couple of years back although the qualified Charron found himself blackballed by B.E.T. this year!

Shit's beginning to look like a real life "The White Rapper Show" produced by VH1! I'd advise all wannabe emcees to watch Lord Jamar's DJ Vlad interview to further overerstand why someone who truly has love for this culture would get so bent out of shape over this!

The rough gist of which is this house of Hip-Hop is a BLACK American culture that was built with it's foundations in the streets! A culture created for the have not's by the have not's, something from nothing! This didn't mean people from other walks of life couldn't enter the house of Hip-Hop it just mean't and should still mean that those people (be them affluent, English, Tibetan, White, Asian, Purple or Green) should show respect when entering and eating in a house that they never help build! Simply put these people are visitors, who should respect the house rules! Not my own words but words of which I have no problem with and fully support!

What I'm seeing here is a jumped up cunt who knows very little if anything about the culture he's so desperate for attention from, getting shot's and opportunities that should only be available to those who've paid their dues! Don't get it confused desperate is exactly what he is, desperate for acceptance from anything with pubic hair, desperate to prove he's not just some X-Factor wannabe but a serious musician! (Fuck me I almost chocked on my own spit writing X-Factor & serious musician in the same sentence) Desperate for that fame attention and material wealth!

So desperate in fact that on the 13th of November he decided to add Don't Flop's Micky Worthless
on Twitter only to make an ass of himself by responding to comments Worthless made about Arthurs "Fire In The Booth" appearance with Charlie Sloth from a couple of days previous! Now to answer the question that was rapidly typed into the black mirror's of James Arthurs fandom!



Micky Worthless (right) is a battle rapper associated with Britain's #1 Battle League Don't Flop! By far not the best the league has to offer but easily one of the most persistent & entertaining, Worthless has been repping DFAFD since it's humble beginnings and is one of the most instantly recognisable faces thanks to an almost ever-present attendance at events held up and down the Cuntry!

What followed was a hugely entertaining back and forth between Micky's couldn't give a fuck attitude and James's increasingly growing ego, not to mention some memorable stupidity in the form of James Arthurs delusional teenage fanbase! You know the one's I mean, the one's who use other peoples mugs as avatar's and have bio's like "One Direction are my life, Little Monster, Belieber, YOLO, met James Arthur & took bum pics, he knew and didn't mind :P! The!

A day later on the 14th of November, challenges have been made and accepted, proposing a match up of the two at Don't Flop's next event! It didn't finish there though, out of the blue Worthless decides to let go with a diss track via soundcloud "Stay In Your Lane James!" over Anita Ward's "Ring My Bell"

What followed was quite a surprise for all involved as Arthur announces he'll be hitting back with a recorded response within hours! Would he? Wouldn't he? Well credit where credit's due, Arthur stuck to his word and dropped the response in the early hours of this morning "Hey Micky! (Worthless)"

Even if he came off sounding more like a 2013 Pitman without the humorous bars, than a Lunar-C or Shotty Horroh, whom he so clearly holds in such high regards, at least he tried! Tried to demonstrate his superior skills by saying Micky's the worst rapper he's ever heard (believe it or not he's heard a few), how he receives £20,000 in 20mins, writes his own lyrics, name drops Shotty Horroh, how he's a genuine talent not a brand and has a bigger internet presence over a beat that sounds like it was created via a YouTube Fruity Loops tutorial!

First off for me as soon as you talk about the money you're earning you're fucking wack, no matter what all these little stans say and think - money and record sales do not equate to talent, to quote Immortal Technique
                                     "If you go platinum it's got nothin' to do with luck/
                                       it just means that a million people are stupid as fuck",

He also boast's how he writes his own lyrics for his own music? Ain't that what you're supposed to do you dumb fuck, tis your music after all. How he has a bigger internet presence? Big deal once again that is no way to measure talent, and once again I direct you to re-read that Immortal Technique bar, besides Miley the Virus has a bigger Internet presence than Arthur, does that mean she's a more talented artist or of more importance? No once again re-read that Immortal Technique bar until it sinks in!

On a further note, all whom watch The X-Factor, enter The X-Factor, vote for or even talk about The X-Factor is clueless to how the music industry works and what true music is mean't to be about and that's self expression, for the craft not for the cash! Done properly it matters not whether your music is reaching 1 or 1,000,000 people, the only thing that matters is you remain true to yourself! Something that is lost on the instant gratification, Ronald McDonald generation that this Cuntry is producing! Micky Worthless, whom whether you love, loathe or just couldn't give a fuck about stay's true to himself and releases well received music with a strong D.I.Y. ethic! And it's for that reason that Micky comes out on top here before I even had the displeasure of  experiencing the audible torment that was Arthur's response. Besides Worthless sounds as though he's enjoying himself which carries a far better energy than the laboured task of Arthur desperately trying to impress like a 1994 Brandy begging to be down!

As you can now see from the blank space above this text where James Arthur' response should be, it has been removed from Soundcloud less than 24hrs after it surfaced! I think that's what's known as the final nail in the coffin and solidifies everything Worthless had to say about the corporate, cock sucking, controlled cunt! However some good people had the foresight to upload the track to YouTube!

Arthur is not his own man, he's a puppet like everyone else who comes off the manufacturing line that is Mainsteam Entertainment, and his handlers were obviously not impressed with his antics thus ordering him to behave and remove the track like a good little puppet! He was a part of Children In Need tonight after all, joining the usual suspects peddling emotional porn, to the masses! Gotta love the British Brainwashing Corporation and their amazing Jedi Mind Tricks, Children In Need? The fucking institution was and no doubt still is infested with paedophiles and corrupt cunts, yet the sheeple still snore, choosing to donate with every manipulative tug of the heart strings! Fucking mugs, if you really cared about Children In Need you'd stop paying your TV Licence's in demonstration to the corruption! At the very least you wouldn't tune in by the millions to watch Children In Need like Jimmy Savile's crimes never existed or you've forgot about how the BBC covered up those crimes and allowed him to run rampant for all those years whilst you funded it all! That's right you funded the abuse of children and now your tuning into the same institution that turned a blind eye to the abuse of children in order to help children in need! You really couldn't make that shit up, fucking zombies & robots the fucking lot of you!

But hey that's a subject for another day I'm kinda going off subject here, such is the intricacies of what's wrong with this world I could jump from one thing to another as they are all connected on some level as part of our conditioning and dehumanisation on route to our Techno, Plutocratic prison of a fascist future! As I said though let's get back to the subject at hand jumped up plastic pop stars that believe their own hype, Gary Barlow, arrrrggh, doing it again, didn't want the organ grinder but the monkey this time, but now I've brought him up, how can that Tax-Dodging, Multi-Millionaire, sooner perform at the Olympics than be at home with his recovering wife, cunt have the audacity to stand there asking the drool drenched, lobotomised viewing public to hand over their hard earned money during times of serious austerity? Fucking dickhead! Anyway back to the dickhead's protégé James Arthur and his misguided attempt's at spitting bars and making diss tracks!

So let's start from the beginning shall we, over on Mr 13's (Firts) Twitter Timeline..................

Here's what Micky had to say about Arthur's "Fire In The Booth" in response to Firt's far from flattering critique:

"Ok, lets get this straight once and for all. I see a lot of the E and Daniels fam addressing this today so I'm gonna add my opinion in on it!

Don't get it twisted. you are allowed to like what you like, but don't confuse that James Arthur prick with an ACTUAL musical artist, he ain't, no one with an ounce of musical integrity would appear on X-Factor. He is a waste of space, when he was on X-Factor they instructed him not to smile, coz his teeth are so fucked and he did it. He probably sucked a lot of dicks too, I don't give a fuck if he was homeless, so was R.A. The Rugged Man you never saw him doing that wack shit!
When I was at school, in my late teens and early twenties people in my age group saw straight threw all of that type of commercial shit, young people these days seem to lap it up.
If you are feeling James Arthur you need to seriously rethink your whole life, you have been brainwashed! He won X-Factor, right? that means your mum, your auntie and you little sister are feeling him. you wanna listen to same music as your mum?? What happened to wanting to listen to shit that pissed your mum off? Having to hide the latest rappers tape from your dad or you were grounded? Not "lets all sit round the TV at 8pm and watch X-Factor and vote for who we like then we will all go and buy the cd when he wins"
I am not bitter in the slightest. he is welcome to that fake shit. I'm just letting MY fans know what time it is, coz I'm not sure how many people are spelling this out for them. There are no good spokesman no more, its why kids are so confused.
I would rather stay broke and nameless then get money and fame the way James Arthur has done it. Don't get it twisted , we would all love to get there. but I ain't gonna sell my soul to no devil, believe me!"
And that's when things got interesting!
Below is a collection of tweets posted between the two!

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