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Sorry if you've heard enough on this from me already but this shit is just too funny to me!

In fact I think the only person who finds this funnier than me right now is Micky Worthless who is gaining followers on Twitter quicker than James Arthur is deleting tweets and making apologies!

Apologies to the fans, Matt Lucas who tweeted Arthur to show his disgust at hearing the phrase "You fucking queer" directed at a straight man on a track he obviously chose to listen to or worse than that had just read about in a red top rag! But it doesn't matter as Lucas chose to be the bigger man and forgive poor James for his heinous crimes, maybe because as Arthur points out -

"I can't be homophobic, Rylan's my best friend and he's as gay as they come lol"

Of course thanks to the backlash and countless apologies, James Arthur has now handed over the duties of writing his tweets to HQ apparently!
Quite how that backs his statements of being a genuine talent and not a brand is beyond me!

Let's be clear here, this shit all started when Arthur started taking himself and his role in the music industry far to seriously. Arthur tried separating  himself from the rest of The X-Factor herd by embracing his individuality only to get shot down by those invested in him!

And there lies the un-deniable truth HE IS AN INVESTMENT, that means he has no control over his own identity or destiny as an artist, he has to make a return on this investment in him therefore he has to go along to get along! The main problem with that is the fans lose out as what they are getting is the same old soulless, mass produced, manufactured bullshit with a different label which only goes to fill the coffers of those at the top and maintain the status quo!

But hey just like the last piece I did on this situation I'm finding it hard to stay on topic as this encapsulates so much of what is wrong with this world we live in, it's hard not to look at the bigger picture!

You see as with every battle there are victors and losers and behind the battle there is a war brewing that people fail notice as they have there eyes firmly focused on the battle at hand!

Let's first take a look at the battle in question:

Mainstream, industry created artist James Arthur tries to go head to head with an independent artist Micky Worthless in his own field - Battle Rap! Thanks to the creation of Social Networking, in this case Twitter, said head to head builds quicker than a line of morons on iGadget release day! Before you know it, Worthless realises his opportunity with Arthur swallowing the bait at every serving and puts out a very aptly titled diss track "Stay In Your Lane"! The track obviously attracts the attention of the brainwashed who in turn then direct all their energy at slagging off Worthless in support of their idol Arthur! All this does is play into the hands of Worthless, whom rather smartly understood that this was an opportunity to school the brainwashed, gain more interest in his craft whilst simultaneously putting chinks into the armour of Arthur and more importantly what Arthur represents The X-Factor! Believing his own hype and failing to see he's lost all ready Arthur then releases his answer to "Stay In Your Lane" in the form of "Hey Micky". Now you see poor little James, believing his own hype decides to play Micky at his own game by degrading Worthless with what the mainstream would describe as Homophobic lyrics instead of just attacking him over his DF Flop performances!

The biggest question that has to be asked here is WHY?
  • Why did Arthur feel the need to use the word queer?
  • Why did Arthur even record a reply?
  • Why did Arthur believe he is something other than a manufactured pop star?
  • Why did he allow himself to be dragged out of his comfort zone?
  • Why didn't Arthur pay attention to the title "Stay In Your Lane"?
  • Why didn't Arthur pre-meditate the inevitable backlash that was heading his way?
  • Why didn't Arthur have a defence for his lyrics previous to the backlash?
  • Why didn't Arthur just wait his time and battle Worthless at a future DF event?

It's as simple as that, Arthurs ego blinded him from the truth, he is just a pawn in Simon (I'm straight honest, I've even got a kid on the way) Cowell's music industry chess match! If Arthur really considered himself a genuine talent and not a brand why did he feel a platform such as The X-Factor would be the best way to represent this? Because it's that by any means necessary mentality that occupies far too many of todays youth's minds that occupied Arthurs mind like a possession!
C'mon what self respecting musician would trot out week after week performing to an audience of children, the brain-dead and pensioners in clothing picked for them, hair styled by stylists, caked up in make-up, performing other artists music which is picked by a "judge" who in turn has no talent themselves in order to gain a thumbs up from the man who brought us "Say Eh-Oh" by The Teletubbies!

In fact Simon (I'm not allowed near my partners child until 2015) Cowell fought so hard to sign The Telletubbies he paid The BBC (you know the organisation taxpayers pay for, yet still illegally obtain sums via practices such as this) a £5000,000 advance in order to sign them!

"I heard another record label were about to sign the Teletubbies, so I got the BBC in my office and told them I would give them £5000,000 in advance. We knew a record like that would make over
£2 million" - Simon Cowell

If you read that statement right there and still believe The X-Factor is about the music, there is no saving you! You see Simon Cowell is a business man plain and simple, couldn't give two shits about music and even less shits about Hip-Hop as demonstrated by his response to Arthurs "Hey Micky",

"This is disgusting behaviour and completely unacceptable. It won't be tolerated" - Simon Cowell

What you take from that is up to you but for me it just shows the mans utter contempt and disgust of a culture he knows nothing about! To think the cunt wanted to do a DJ version of The X-Factor, the fucking leech!

You see I find it hard to see how saying the word queer in a diss track made for a straight man is somehow worse than putting up £50,000 bail money for a homosexual who fucks underage boys as Cowell did for his pal Jonathon King at the tail end of the year 2000!

Bear with me as I'm trying my best to keep this on subject and to the point, you see for the millions of brain-dead supporters of The X-Factor, what Simon say's goes, as in their shit stained eye's Simon is some sort of musical genius, taste master who can spot a diamond in the rough! Rather than the slick business man that recognises who he can best exploit in order to make a quick buck!

This is where the problem lies, as when the herds shepherd announces something as being "disgusting behaviour" and "not to be tolerated" the herd then adopt the same beliefs and start spouting the same shit as though it was their own! Group Think now takes control and what will follow is one of the herd, be them a viewer, journalist or TV Personality taking it as their personal responsibility to shift blame from Arthur or more importantly the X-Factor over to Micky Worthless and more worryingly Don't Flop, battle rap & Hip-Hop in general!

Don't pretend they won't, as Hip-Hop listeners we've seen this time and time again be it Tone Loc's "Wild Thing" catching the blame for rapes in the US or UK artist Giggs constantly having performances cancelled due to fears of violence!

What will follow is a critique/expose which will be full of the critics disgust at how these battle rappers can say the things they do and more to the point get away with it! Let's be honest, to the outside observer rhymes about the death's of Reece Jones and Jamie Bulger would be viewed as nothing more than pure hate!

That's all it takes is for a reporter to do their job properly for once and actually research the topic they're writing two paragraph's about! The bigger Don't Flop get's the more eye's will be on them and sooner or later they'll be used as a tool to batter freedom of speech with by exploitive media types and opportunist MP's!

That my friends is my biggest fear as censorship is a major issue right now, that people would be best to keep an eye on as before you know it Don't Flop will be gone!

In closing, no James Arthur is not homophobic just a deluded, controlled puppet! The fact he made said apologies as I had already predicted via the @Blaze23Naish Twitter account, removed his track from Soundcloud and handed over Tweeting duties to HQ
clears that up once and for all regardless of what he may believe in his head! I just wish he had the bollocks to defend his lyrics and stand true to his boasts of not being a brand! Instead he's just set up the next person, who get's called out for offensive lyrics for a very hard fall as the this is an issue that's been brewing for a long time now which the opportunist mainsteam media will be happy to take full advantage of in their constant quest to tell us what we can or can't, think and say!

Until the next post, Jon the Savage your host, is ghost.

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