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Well, well, well, what a turn up for the books! A contestant from The X-Factor is all over the news, filling column inches in the papers and trending on Twitter for almost a week straight! Cue their fame hungry rivals trying to capitalize and be a part of the controversy, promotional opportunity!

Did fellow fame hungry contestant jump to the defence of Arthur, maybe offer him some support?

Did they fuck, they chose to jump on the band wagon & throw him under the bus!

The fellow fame hungry contestant that I'm talking about is Lucy Spraggan, whom unlike Arthur I'd actually heard of as a result of her being a guest panellist on The Wright Stuff on the 16th of October this year! I'd like to say she left a good impression however she didn't, all her views on subjects ranging from the taxation of fizzy drinks to bad books for children were the usual blah, blah fucking baah you hear from these talking heads in the mainstream!

Lucy Spraggan decided to take to Twitter to condemn Arthur for his use of the word queer on his Micky Worthless diss track "Hey Micky"

Perhaps you just have to be gay to get it, I don't know but I struggle to understand how she can find offence in a slur that appeared on a track that wasn't directed at her?

Quite where she got the idea that people kill themselves on a daily basis of the word queer is beyond me however since she is so sensitive to suicide why hasn't she ever tweeted about the tens of thousands in this Cuntry who have took their lives due to the benefit cuts?  You know sick and disabled people that can't afford to live and have had their lifelines ruthlessly snatched away by our lying Government! Better still since suicide is something she cares so much about and these mainsteam dicks always love our HEROES fighting in foreign lands why have I never heard her mentioning the fact that more of our Cuntry's military take their own lives than actually die in battle?

Not gay, not important enough? Or possibly more to the point not a trending topic therefore nothing to gain from it! Fucking hypocrite comes to mind here especially as this is someone who describes her music as, wait for it "A-Flop" which is a mixture of Acoustic, Folk & Hip-Hop! Now I may be wrong here but if she infuses elements of Hip-Hop into her music chances are she has at least a passing interest in Hip-Hop? Maybe even own an Eminem CD, an assumption I know but why no tweets about his supposedly homophobic lyrics? Possibly a losing battle that, what with all the Stan's on Twitter wasn't worth the effort! Arthur on the other hand is a still a trending topic in the UK as I write this now and the general consensus seems to be that he's a lowlife scumbag so why not kick him whilst he's down or better still pull him down on your climb up the ladder!

Unity is obviously not a quality that X-Factor contestants have, you only have to ask the once friends of group members who were coaxed into selling out their friends to opt for the solo route by vile Cowell or the brother of Olly Murs who had to scrap plans of having his brother perform best man duties at his wedding because he was performing for Satanic Simon that Saturday night!

However before I do the usual and sway way of topic, let's take a look at how this snakey two-faced cunt sold James down the river!

Spraggan tantalised her pre-pubescent and blue rinse faithful with news of an interesting text received from a very stupid guy!

Who was this guy?

Was it some guy who unwittingly text her for a booty call not understanding quite how serious she takes her role as a gay woman?

No, to believe that would be a "Mistakeo" it was James Arthur of course, I've already divulged that much to you.

Please dickhead don't leave us hanging like this (am I allowed to say hanging or might I offend the families of those who died at the hands of corporal punishment?)
Ah it was James Arthur, seems he just wanted to text someone he maybe previous to this considered a friend, someone he had shared a televisual experience with and someone he thought might have his back or at the very least expected not to stick her two pence in. He was merely asking why did she make the comment of people killing themselves over the word queer even going as far as apologising for not sharing a link for her bag of wank album! Now this is where things get a little weird for me as below you will read what seems to be a continuation of what Arthur was saying however I can't help feeling like we're missing some of this conversation as Arthur jumps from an a apology and saying there was no need to be so two faced, to "You can fuck off" below.
Seems a bit weird don't you think? What's with the album sales comparison and "You can fuck off with you're career shite" sounds as though that was written in response to something. Something that we clearly aren't being shown here. You sure you're giving us the full story here Frodo? You sure you're not trying to come across the as good guy by pointing out the bad guy, you sure you didn't goad Arthur into that response? Anyway what type of cunt puts personal messages out there for the world to see? The type of cunt hole that has an album to promote, Twitter followers to gain and an opportunity to take advantage of! I'd advise anyone who can't see that those responses were clearly wrote by someone who had full intention of letting the world see the conversation, to look a little more closely, check out her subsequent tweets below and think with a critical mind. She knew full well what she was doing and the interest it would bring by putting it on Twitter! Funniest bit for me though is the way the pair of em believe their own hype, like either would have made it without a machine like The X-Factor!
As for which one disappears first, I couldn't give a shit, we all know neither will be around in 5 years time, at least not when it comes to selling records, to think otherwise is to misunderstand the nature of the beast that is the Music Industry!
This reeks of someone who had an agenda from the jump, I mean just take a look at the way she mentions how she's new to Twitter drama as though she didn't instigate it by posting personal messages online for the world to see! Which as I try and rap this up I've noticed Frodo has posted up a tweet in her defence claiming that it's not unfair to post up something that should have remained private because if Arthur hadn't had been a prick he wouldn't have been caught out!

In closing I want to just to say fuck anyone that fight's for anything but our rights as human beings and natural law! To do otherwise is to put the rights of one group of people before the rights of others, which would make us no better than those who govern us and rely on us to be divided in order to maintain the status quo! What's the point in fighting for the right's of certain demographics when we are all collectively losing our rights on a daily basis, we are all having our online activity spied on, we are all being lied to by the media on a daily basis, we are all seeing the sexualisation of our youth, we are all seeing our young being fed a dumbed down curriculum, we are all being socially engineered and we are all viewed as cattle or useless feeders in the eyes of the elite!
If people like Lucy Baggins really wants to help people next time she's on live TV why doesn't she express some of the issues I have raised in this piece, she can't and she won't as she knows she wouldn't be invited back! You just have to look at Arthur and the way the media has dealt with him during this whole fa├žade, typical build em up to knock em down tactics that seem to be the norm in the entertainment industry! It matters not who fills column inches as long as it acts as a distraction for the masses and sells papers/magazines!
Fuck the lot of em.
 Until the next post, your host, Jon The Savage is ghost!

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